What others say

What Others Say

Revd Dr Mark Stibbe
(The Father’s House Trust)

“Healing on the Streets is the most exciting and accessible method of power evangelism I have yet seen. All over the UK, Christians are going out into town centres and onto city streets and praying for the sick in a low risk, high grace way. It is truly inspiring to see the church being mobilised like this and to hear of so many unchurched people meeting Jesus on the streets. The church needs to get out more! What better way than this.”

Martin Buehlmann
(Leader of the Vineyards in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

“ ‘Healing on the Streets cannot work in Berlin and Bern’, this is what I said about a year ago. Today, after over 100 healings in Berlin and over 100 healings in Berne, I must say: Healing on the Streets has become the most effective way to connect people with the Presence of God. We keep on doing it!”

Ewen Huffman
(Pastor of Winchester Baptist Church)

“I thoroughly recommend the Healing on the Streets model and training to you. When I first met Mark Marx and saw the model demonstrated my heart cried out ‘At last! Someone who understands how unbelievers think and can be reached!… and a model that will work on the streets of the UK and across a diversity of churches!’. I am convinced the breath of the Spirit is behind this work, model and movement and it will prove to be the most effective way of taking God’s power and love onto our streets in these days of darkness yet spiritual openness. Don’t hesitate – join with others in your city, get trained and get ‘out there’!”

Rev Dr Robert Ward
(Vicar of St Luke’s, Newcastle and leader of Together in Christ, Tyneside)

“Healing on the Streets has taken off in Newcastle! With 250 trained team members from 20 churches, a Healing on the Streets team is on the Streets each Saturday afternoon, without fail. I have never, in 30 years of ministry been part of an ongoing local outreach which is quite so wonderful! We are ‘shedding abroad the love of Christ in the power of the Spirit’ in the centre of the ‘night club capital of Europe’ and the region’s capital. We are seeing increasing numbers of passers-by (and returning customers!) receive healing of body and soul. It is all down to the love and presence of God, of course, from the deepening unity and love between the pastors and people across the congregations, to the favour we enjoy from the civil authorities and the deepening interest from the public, as well as the increasing joy and faith of Healing on the Streets participating churches. Healing on the Streets is a remarkable move of God and requires the closest scrutiny from all who long to see our Nation turn back to Jesus Christ.”

John Wright
(Trent Vineyard)

“At Trent Vineyard we have been inspired by Mark’s teaching and the experience of Causeway Coast Vineyard, and modelling what we do on what we’ve learned from them we have for many years had teams regularly Ministering healing on the street of Nottingham. We would recommend this conference to anyone seeking to be inspired and equipped to get out there and do it!”

Rick Hayes
(Conference Manager, CLAN Gathering)

“Healing on the Streets, as practiced and taught by Mark Marx and colleagues, is an outstanding example of the life of Jesus lived out through his followers. This is the ministry of the kingdom, made evident by: being the good news, sharing the good news and demonstrating the good news, out there among the people. This ministry not only follows the example of Jesus in practice (including “making disciples”) but also has a beautiful emphasis on following Him in character, thus humility, love and compassion and a mature understanding of, and respect for, the people ministered to, mark this as the real thing. Based on my experience of receiving ministry personally whilst in Ireland and seeing it propagated through Mark’s seminars and street outreach at CLAN Gathering, I heartily commend it to you.”

Mick Elias
(Senior Pastor Vale of Aylesbury Vineyard)

“We have been doing Healing on the Streets for about 15 months now, and as a church we have found it to be the most user friendly, least cringy, and effective form of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit that we have come across. Every time we have been out, without fail, we have seen people healed, and touched by the power of God. It is a blessing for those involved as well as the people we reach. I thoroughly recommend Mark Marx and this ministry to you; Go for it!”

John Coles
(New Wine UK)

“Many New Wine churches have discovered in this model a simple way of taking the ministry of healing beyond the doors of their church. In doing so they re-discovered something of the joy of ministering like Jesus did, on the streets and amongst the needy. As someone said to our team one Saturday ‘Yes, I can see this is what the church ought to be doing everywhere!’.”

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